What Is Form W-2? How to Read & Use It in 2019-2020

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The W-2 Kind, officially called the “Wage and Tax Obligation Declaration,” is a very helpful tax form that shows up in most taxpayer mailboxes in January. Below’s exactly how to recognize it.

What is a W-2 Form?

IRS Form W-2 reports a staff member’s earnings from the previous year, how much tax the employer withheld from that earnings as well as various other information. Companies need to send out workers a Type W-2 in January (and also they send out a duplicate to the Internal Revenue Service). Staff members make use of Kind W-2 to prepare their income tax return.

The fundamentals of the W-2

  • The IRS requires employers to report wage and also salary details. Employers do that using Type W-2.
  • Don’t perplex a W-2 with a W-4– that’s the kind you make use of to inform your employer just how much tax obligation to withhold from your income every pay duration (discover just how withholding taxes work). And discover the keyword right here: company. Consultants or contract workers get 1099s from their customers, not W-2s
  • Companies have to send employees a W-2 by the end of January every year.
  • Every company that paid you a minimum of $600 during the year needs to send you a W-2. Tip revenue may be on it.
  • For any type of individuals, the details on your W-2 establishes whether they’re obtaining a reimbursement or writing a check come April. Below are 6 points you need to understand about exactly how to manage it.

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You require your W-2 to do your taxes

  • Your W-2 tells you just how much you made from your employer in the past year and also just how much withholding tax you have actually already paid on those incomes.
  • When you do your taxes, you’ll need the W-2 to fill in a lot of the details.

Just how to read and understand your W-2

Form W-2 reveals more than just what you were paid. Your W-2 likewise details just how much you contributed to your retirement plan throughout the year, just how much your company paid for your health insurance, or also the quantity you have actually gotten in dependent care benefits. All of that information impacts your tax image– your retirement contributions might not be taxable, as an example.

Box 1: Details how much you were paid in incomes, suggestions and other payment. Some of it might not be taxed.

Box 2: Demonstrates how much federal income tax obligation was held back from your pay.

Box 3: Shows much of your pay in Box 1 was subject to Social Protection tax obligation.

Box 4: Shows how much Social Security tax was held back from your pay.

Box 5: Reveals much of your pay in Box 1 underwent Medicare tax obligation.

Box 6: Demonstrates how much Medicare tax was withheld from your pay.

Box 7: Shows much of the tip revenue you reported to your employer (they’re in Box 1) went through Social Security tax obligation.

Box 8: Shows the quantity of other ideas your employer allocated to you. This pay isn’t included in Box 1. (Discover just how to report ideas on your tax return.)

Box 10: Reveals the amount of dependent care advantages your employer paid to you or sustained in your place. Usually, anything over $5,000 ($2,500 if you’re married by filing individually) is also included in box 1.

Box 11: Typically, this box demonstrates how much money was dispersed to you during the year from your employer’s deferred payment plan.

Box 12: Right here, there are four areas in which the employer can provide more information regarding some or every one of the pay reported in Box 1. As an example, if you have actually added to the business’s 401(k) plan, the amount of your contributions might turn up in Box 12 with the code letter “D.” There are many codes, which you can see in the Internal Revenue Service’s W-2 directions.

Box 13: This box is indicate whether the employee’s revenues undergo social safety and security and also Medicare tax obligations yet aren’t based on government earnings tax withholding, whether the worker participated in particular types of retirement plans, or whether the worker supplied specific kinds of unwell pay.

Boxes 16-19: Demonstrate how much of your pay undergoes state earnings tax, just how much state earnings tax was held back from your pay, how much income went through neighborhood tax obligations, and also just how much neighborhood tax obligation was withheld from your pay.

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Your W-2 info is not a secret

  • Companies are legally called for to send out duplicates of your W-2 to the Social Safety Management and Internal Revenue Service (“Copy A”) and your state and local tax authorities (“Copy 1”).
  • You will not escape anything if you simply push your W-2 in a drawer and also determine not to place the information on your tax return. Actually, you’ll probably get an abrupt letter and a few months’ worth of frustrations from the Internal Revenue Service– and the state, if your state has earnings tax obligations– after they compare your go back to the details your employer sent to the federal government.

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Your employer needs to send you a W-2 by the end of January

The Internal Revenue Service calls for companies to furnish W-2s to the government and staff members by Jan. 31 or face charges. The IRS specifies furnish as “get it in the mail,” which indicates you need to have your own in hand by the first week of February.

  • Employers can additionally send staff members their W-2s electronically, but it’s not required.
  • Also if you stop your job months ago, your ex-employer can still wait till Jan. 31 to send you a W-2– unless you ask for it previously, in which case the company has thirty days to supply it.
  • Intriguing note: If you pass away, you’ll still get a W-2 that year.

Your employer might make an error

  • If your company omits a decimal factor, obtains your name or a buck amount wrong, or checks the wrong box– it takes place– point out the blunder as well as request a fixed W-2.
  • Pointing out the mistake and waiting for a brand-new W-2 will certainly cost you time, however here’s something that could make you really feel much better: The Internal Revenue Service could fine your employer if the error involves a buck amount or “a considerable thing” in your address.

The right address is actually vital

  • If your W-2 doesn’t show up by Valentine’s Day, very first ask your employer for a duplicate as well as make certain it’s obtained the best address.
  • If that does not fix points, call the IRS (below’s a checklist of valuable Internal Revenue Service telephone number). You’ll require to give info about when you worked as well as an estimate of what you were paid.
  • Bear in mind that your tax return is still due in April, so you could require to estimate your incomes as well as withholdings to get it done on schedule. (Go below to read more regarding obtaining an extension.) And also, the IRS might postpone refining your return– read: refund– while it attempts to verify your information.
  • If your W-2 finally shows up after you already filed your tax return, you may need to return and modify your income tax return.


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