A Temp Agency Helps You Make Your Move

temp agency  Lucrez In Europa

A temp agency can be an invaluable partner to an individual looking to relocate from one country to another. As an ex-pat myself, I know the necessity of having regular work for me in order to support my life in Spain. While Spain is certainly a beautiful country, it does have its downsides, namely high costs of living and a high rate of unemployment. Because I was unwilling to accept the first job offer I received (a position at a local pub), I decided to look for a more permanent position rather than moving back home to live with my parents.


Using a temp agency gave me the flexibility I needed. Instead of having to take up full-time hours at a local pub as a waitress or barista, I only had to spend a few months there during which I would be paid very little. This is better for me since I am not planning to stay in Spain for more than three years. When I found a temp job, I was able to adjust my plan accordingly. Rather than paying a large amount upfront, I was able to pay my temp agency a sum each month until my salary reached a comfortable level- agence d’intérim | Lucrez In Europa.


With the assistance of a temp agency, I was able to make my transition into Spanish culture and employment much easier than if I had attempted it on my own. The agency gave me the necessary contacts of potential employers to choose from. I also made my transition to Spain much easier by taking advantage of the numerous Spanish speaking companies that advertise on the internet. I was able to select companies that offered jobs that I was interested in, and applied to them immediately. I was accepted immediately and began to receive wages the next day. I was able to live in Spain without having to spend more money than I already had.

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