Bullnose Oak Skirting

bullnose oak skirting

Bullnose oak skirting boards have a clean, simple finish and have a classic appearance. They are available in a range of sizes and are low maintenance. They are also easy to fit and clean. They’re an ideal choice if you’re planning to use oak skirting in multiple areas of your home. This style of skirting is also ideal for wider heights, making it an ideal option for many different homes.

Bullnose oak skirting is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Currently, this type of skirting board is available in 119mm high and 18mm thick. It is manufactured to order and is available for delivery within the UK within five working days. The product is also available in extra-long lengths on request.

The main goal of using this type of skirting is to enhance the look and feel of your interior design. Combined with other oak furnishings, it creates a complete, solid look that has a true sense of personality. Once fitted, you can add more bespoke touches to your home by combining it with other oak furnishings and fittings.

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