Farm Machinery

farm machinery

Agricultural machinery pertains to the various agricultural mechanical devices and structures used in agricultural farming. There are various categories of these devices, from tractors and other machines to various agronomic tools and implements that they drive or tow. The term refers generally to any machines or devices designed or built for the intensive utilization of agricultural lands, such as in making barns, planting seeds, etc. or more precisely, to those machines or objects that are used in the production of agricultural products, such as those that are utilized in storing, grading, plowing, harvesting, etc. The machinery itself is designed to facilitate the performance of these activities by the use of powered tools. see website for more information about Machinery.

Best Farm Machinery

The objective of all this cultivation activity, then, is to make the land cultivated more fertile and thereby increase the yield of the crop sown. The most important types of farm machinery are those that are used for the harvesting of the harvest. These include ploughs, harvesters, combine harvesters, belt-driven or screw plow, forklifts, diggers, and trenchers. Other important implements employed in the harvesting of the harvest include knives, axes, harvesters, and shredders. Livestock are also treated with respect to the raising of animals, such as cattle, hogs, sheep, ostriches, etc., for consumption on a farm or merely for keeping, for earning milk, meat, or eggs.

There are two types of farm machinery that are used in the raising of crops: those that belong to the category of mechanical harvesting and those that belong to the category of non-mechanical harvesting. Mechanical harvesting is concerned with the physical action of pulling, lifting, moving, or drilling with the use of modern or old machines. Non-mechanical harvesting is effected by the use of plants or the natural decomposition of the materials extracted from the soil. Although the force used to move the various farm machinery is determined by the type of crops they are designed for, the amount of force required for each individual machine, including its horsepower, is determined by the soil fertility, and hence the availability of the minerals in the soil. The use of hydraulic, electric, and other forms of machinery is necessary to increase productivity, speed up operations, and facilitate work in the fields.

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