NACE Inspection Program

NACE Inspection Program

The NACE Inspection Program NACE inspectors online now Tankproinc is an industry-recognized certification program. Founded in 1943, NACE Certification in Coatings (CIP) is an industry-wide training program that includes both online and in-person courses. A virtual CIP Level 1 class is scheduled for March 29-30, 2020. Instructors are opening their schedules to accommodate students. If you’re interested in becoming a certified NACE inspector, earning your CIP is the first step in getting started.

NACE Inspectors are well-versed in anti-corrosion coating (CP) inspection and are equipped with the latest techniques for inspecting these coatings. They have a unique understanding of the latest techniques in corrosion-proofing and surface-applied cladding. These techniques make the NACE Inspection process more accurate, and they’re proven to save you money in the long run. If you’re looking for an excellent NACE inspection, look no further.

Certified NACE Inspectors can evaluate coating systems on a variety of substrates, including structural steel. They also have expertise in offshore and onshore projects, including the construction of offshore structures. A NACE inspector can analyze the project and recommend modifications that prevent corrosion. They use industry-recognized documentation software to document their findings. By obtaining NACE Certification, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your coatings are up to par and saving you money in the long run.

NACE Certification is widely recognized as a standard for quality of work performed by professionals. This certification is available at three levels, each tied to the next. Level 1 certification is the foundation for NACE Inspector certification at the Level 2, while Level 3 is an advanced level certification. Certification is available in general coating inspection as well as specialty categories like bridge coating and nuclear coating. It is important to note that certification is a rigorous process, with a thorough peer review to ensure that the candidate has mastered the technical requirements.

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