The Cal Poly Business Analytics Agency

In addition to developing cutting-edge web analytics solutions for businesses, the Cal Poly Business Analytics Agency fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration among students. Interested students benefit from the opportunity to learn about and practice in high-demand areas. The agency was created with a generous gift from alum Rex Briggs, who founded the industry leader in marketing measurement and optimization, Marketing Evolution. He has helped Fortune 500 companies improve their marketing returns. Learn more about Cal Poly’s business analytics services and how you can apply them to your business.

The Ultimate Guide To The Cal Poly Business Analytics Agency

If you’re planning to implement an analytics program, start by defining your business goals. Analytical insights can help you double down on a sales channel or identify an operational bottleneck in your operations. For example, if a specific product category doesn’t have enough human capital to support it, you can use the information to double your investment in that channel. An analytics agency can also help you develop a culture that values data. A business that values data may not be able to afford full-time analysts, which could prevent them from getting the full value from their analytics efforts.

Using an analytics agency can also supplement your in-house analytics team. You may not have time or expertise to dig into every aspect of your analytics plan. For example, 20 departments may need reports, three VPs may have different questions about your site, and eight sub-brands have separate reporting requirements. An agency can help you wrangle these multiple demands, keeping your measurement strategy moving. If you’re thinking about hiring an analytics agency, here are the top benefits you can expect from working with a professional firm:

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